Mission & Values

Our Mission:

The threefold mission of this Institute is to provide quality dental assistant training, comprehensive dental services while exploring cutting edge innovations in dentistry.

Our Values:

As we develop the comprehensive innovative program of providing dental services, training of dental surgery assistants utilizing state of the art tools, it is our intention to demonstrate excellent customer service consistent with our core values. Such values as respect, excellence, attention to detail, honesty, integrity, courtesy, kindness and peaceful interactions among our stakeholders, including our patients, staff, vendors, referring clinicians and patients’ relatives.

We embrace fairness in our fees schedule being cognizant of the golden rule, that we choose to treat our patients as we would like to be treated.

Our Commitment to Quality Service:

Weare committed to providing competitively high quality dental services, dental auxilliary training and develop innovative tools and systems for delivering consistently high quality dental care to all our deserving patients. We are committed to maintaining a healthy ethical stance by ensuring that we take responsibilty for our actions.

Our Collaborators and Partners:

We are consistently seeking and developing strong bonds and professional partnerships with a network of high quality, well run Medical Centers, Dental Clinics and Teaching Hospitals that meet the international standard of excellence. Current collaborators and partners include:

Kamorass Specialist Clinic, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria,

Shefi Hospital, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria.

Peve Dental Clinic, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria.

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